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For roughly four decades, the historic Old Schoolhouse on Main Street in Cambria had been the home of Allied Arts Association, an organization intended to bring together all of the arts. It served as the venue for both the
Association's gallery and theatre.

In November of 2006, Allied Arts entered into a joint use agreement with the Coast Union School District to accommodate the performing arts wing of Allied Arts.

Considerable improvements have been made to the auditorium and the Theatre at Cambria Center for the Arts is now home to Allied Arts Performing Arts Community Theatre.

Allied Arts Association operates the Theatre at the Cambria Center for the Arts, which is available for use by performance and theatre groups. The theatre accommodates seating for approximately 100. A rear technical booth and two rooms accessible from backstage are available.

For non-profit or self-contained production companies, Allied Arts can provide local publicity and on-site theatre manager. The proportion of net profits, retained by Allied Arts varies, depending on the type of production company and the level of ancillary support required. Allied Arts manages the ticket sales for all events. All engagements require board approval, written contracts in advance of equipment delivery, rehearsals or performances.

Inquiries may be made by e-mail: Nancy.
Please include tentative performance dates and days needed for set-up and/or rehearsal.
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The theatre may also be rented directly through the Coast Union School District. The District fee schedule may be viewed online. Then click on Theatre at the Old Grammar School Fee Schedule.