Facility Use Policy

(Exclusive of the Theatre)

The mission of the Allied Arts Association includes the promotion of workshops, classes and other events which engage participants in creative endeavors. All such events offered under the auspices of Allied Arts must meet the requirements of its insurance coverage, help defray insurance costs, and adhere to the use regulations and fees of the Coast Unified School District.

1. All events must be compatible with the mission of the Allied Arts Association.
2. A Facility Use Application must be filed with Allied Arts and each event must have prior Allied Arts Board approval. A CUSD Facility Use Application Form must also be filed with the District Office, at least two weeks in advance of the event.
3. The on-site manager of the event must be a current member of Allied Arts.
4. Groups with proof of their own liability insurance may apply directly to the CUSD, independent of Allied Arts guidelines.
An “event” is any gathering of people requiring the use of a CUSD facility regardless of frequency or duration of the meetings. These may be workshops or classes. Two categories are recognized.

Category 1 – These are ongoing events with participant fees only sufficient to cover CUSD and Allied Arts requirements. These usually meet weekly or monthly without set end dates.
Current CUSD fees are $7 per hour, plus a $25 application fee.
All participants must be current members of Allied Arts Association, OR a donation to Allied Arts is asked of $20 per month (or fraction thereof) for the event, payable in advance with the Use Application to Allied Arts.

Category 2 – Events advertised to the community at large with fixed participant fees set for the duration of the event. These generally involve paid instructors or other expenses included in the participant fees.
Current Allied Arts members are provided a 20% enrollment fee discount.
10% of the gross total collected enrollment fees (exclusive of a materials fee) is donated to Allied Arts at the conclusion of the event, with a minimum donation of $25. CUSD fees apply as well, as in Category 1.
These may displace Category 1 events in scheduling, including current, ongoing classes or other meetings held under the auspices of Allied Arts.